EYE II EYE is the 14th studio album by Scorpions, released in 1999.

Eye II Eye is less hard rock and much more pop-oriented than their previous works, surely not loved by a large amount of fans.

It's rhe first studio album with James Kottak on drums and the last with Ralph Rieckermann on bass (unless one counts symphonic Moment Of Glory). It was the first to present a song largely written in their native language, namely "Du bist so schmutzig". TRACKLIST

1."Mysterious" Klaus Meine Ralph Rieckermann, Rudolf Schenker, Matthias Jabs, Jean-Michel Byron 5:28

2."To Be No.1" MeinePeter Wolf, Jabs3:57

3."Obsession"MeineMeine, Wolf 4:09

4."10 Light Years Away"Mick Jones, Marti Frederiksen, Meine, SchenkerJones, Frederiksen, Meine, Schenker 3:52

5."Mind Like a Tree" MeineSchenker, Wolf 5:34

6."Eye to Eye" Meine Schenker 5:04

7."What U Give U Get Back"Meine, SchenkerSchenker, Wolf5:02

8."Skywriter" MeineSchenker 4:55

9."Yellow Butterfly"MeineSchenker, Frederiksen 5:44

10."Freshly Squeezed" MeineSchenker, Wolf 3:58

11."Priscilla" MeineSchenker 3:17

12."Du bist so schmutzig"Meine, Jabs, James KottakJabs, Schenker 3:55

13."Aleyah"Meine, SchenkerSchenker 4:19

14."A Moment in a Million Years"MeineMeine 3:38

Japanese edition bonus track

15."You and I (“Butcher”-radio remix)" MeineMeine 4:00

Eye II Eye single-only track

1."Mind Power" (from the "To Be No.1" CD-single) MeineMeine 4:28


Klaus Meine – lead vocals

Matthias Jabs – lead guitar, backing vocals

Rudolf Schenker – rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Ralph Rieckermann – bass, backing vocals

James Kottak – drums, percussion, backing vocals, lead vocals on track 12

Additional musicians

Mick Jones – acoustic guitar on track 4

Peter Wolf – keyboards and piano on track 14

Michelle Wolf - backing vocals on track 8

Airway Allstars: Siedah Garrett, Michelle Wolf, Lynn Davis, James Ingram, Phil Perry, Kevin Dorsey – backing vocals on track 7

Herman Rarebell - backing vocals on track 5


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