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💿 Hi, it’s a pleasure for us to have on Hardrockheavymetal DAVID REECE!! Welcome!!

On February 16th will be out the second chapter of SAINTED SINNERS, called “BACK WITH A VENGEANCE” (In the next few days we’ll publish an accurate review). Can you tell us somethin’about this platter and its composition process? The expectations are highest after the awesome debut album!

Hi, nice to chat with you again! Yes, it's our second album and expectation is of course high because if how well our first album was received.This album at first was a bit slower for me to get my head around.The first album came to me more immediately and this one at first I was sleeping to feeling.After a few days in the writing process I began to live and love it.

💿 FERDY DOERNBERG is not present on BWAV. How hard was replacing him?

Well, first of all his schedule is so busy with other projects it's difficult to get him.

The second was he and Frank were not seeing eye to eye or Frank (Pané) opted for a more guitar driven album.

I, of course, rejected a total guitars album because Ferdy was so much a part of the first album, sound wise and personality wise, that I said no and we must put keys in the album.

So we added Keys with Eric Ragno and Angel Vafeidalis. I miss Ferdy and respect him immensely!

💿 2018 will be a special year for'll be on stage with a "EAT THE HEAT" tour, a tribute to a surely underrated ACCEPT’s era! Can you tell us somethin’about it? How hard was replacing an iconic singer as UDO DIRKSCHNEIDER?

Yeah, doing "Eat the Heat" was tough but a great experience for me and who can replace UDO? But it's opened huge doors for me and I feel it's time to give Eat the Heat its long overdue live chance and the shows are coming in all the time! I'm very excited about this!

💿 On November 2018 it's scheduled your new solo album, out via Danish MIGHTY MUSIC. Can you tell us somethin’about that and can you tell us somethin’about the birth of the relationships with TARGET GROUP?

I know a friend Alessandro Lifonti;  he put me in touch with Mike Tramp who put me in touch with Michael Andersen at Mighty Music

I'm recording the album at Death Island studios in Denmark with Marco Angioni, Martin Jepsen, Andersen Malte, Frederik Burkert from Sainted Sinners and Philip Mei's on drums. 

It's heavy melodic and powerful with punch! I plan to go on tour in October to start promoting the album and release will be November 2018! it's amazing..the songs..the people I'm so happy!

💿 The real "news"  in music industry is the return of the vinyl; What's your feeling with this classic format and the current music business?

I'm releasing vinyl on my new album and to me vinyl rocks! It's better sound like the glory days.The music business is a mess I don't know what to say about it but please buy music and buy tickets!

💿 Your contribution to BONFIRE was amazing and your great job on "GLORIOUS" and "PEARLS" was undeniable! Do you agree?

Yes but that's a part of my life I choose to forget because to me Hans Ziller is a real difficult person who isn't truthful and I'm feeling so free to be away from his drama!

💿 Thank you for your time! See you soon on Hardrockheavymetal!

Thank you friend and thank you to all if you who've supported me and this year will rock see you all out there!


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