💿 Hi, it's a pleasure for us to have on Hardrockheavymetal ROBIN BRANCHER of DESOLATION ANGELS, the legendary NWOBHM band! Welcome!
 Hey, hi there to you guys too. I like the way you say 'Legendary' - Yeah, I think I can live with that - LOL! Anyway, hi to you guys and your viewership, great to be here. 💿 We're in waitin' for your return with a "new" album called KING, available from February 23rd. Actually, we remember that we are talking about the reissue of your self-release of last year. Can you tell us something about this platter and its composition process? Are you satisfied with fans' reaction? We are extremely happy with what we have achieved with the songs and the songwriting on KING. We are also (and obviously too) very happy with the thunderingly great reaction that the KING opus has generated within the music press, and the overwhelming reaction of KING from our merry band of close-knit supporters too. Without them, you have nothing, so it's really paramount to get our Heavy Metal right.

Keith and I had a vast momentum and fever still resonating from our Sweeter The Meat sessions, and the pair of us really wanted to do a full-length album as soon as we could.

This became more apparent after the release of the STM EP when reviewers and the Heavy Metal buying public alike agreed that STM was great, and a welcomed return output from Desolation Angels. But the talk quickly turned to - when can we expect a full-length album? As you could say that the STM EP was really a teaser and just a small taste of what was to come, so everybody was eagerly looking forward to us putting out a full album.

As for the process, as you say. Keith and I basically had all of the KING songs ready to go, it was really just a question of how to get the funds together, and then to find a producer that could make a proper job of it all? As I say, the STM EP was a pretty good production, and we had to top that.

So the search for an established Heavy Metal, Heavy Rock producer was very important. To us (Keith and myself) it was like, if we are going to do this, then we want to do it properly and make the production as big as we could possibly afford to make it. And believe me, Keith and I will most definitely go at it tooth fang and claw to create something special!

 And as it turned out, along with Chris Tsangarides (RIP) - who the re-released album is dedicated to, we made that 'Something Special' actually happen, and KING was born.

💿 The real "news" in the music industry is the return of vinyl; What's your feeling about this classic format and the current music business? I still have all my vinyl from way back in the day.

(Well most of it that is) I like to have it around me, as I find the cover art can encourage me to be creative.

I could be standing there listening and gazing mesmerized by a cover, then suddenly find myself moving, drifting. Spiritually or not I don't know? But the sense is inspirational and time lapses whilst I'm transported elsewhere. I guess that's the warmth that vinyl can bring? But I like both CD and vinyl, high-res MP3's as well!

I consume and indulge myself in them all. As I'm a music fan, with many gadgets and need my METAL fix readily to hand.

With the music business thing that you speak, I think, to be honest, you need all formats for all people.

There's no escaping it. You couldn't just have one without the other? People like to have the choice, and we all have different tastes as to what format we want, or enjoy the best? So really the industry has to step up and provide us with the lot!

Technology moves on, and if you're going to be part of the commercial world, then you most certainly will have to embrace technology and the fact that technology moves on, and moves on damned quick too!

I would imagine it's a real pain in the ass for the industry to keep up with it all? But the fact is, is that they created this advance in technology, and then wrongly tried to sell us the dream that CD is the only way to go. So it's kinda like egg on their face, or as the old saying goes; You can't have your cake and expect to eat it too! But be wise people, the industry will always be in charge, and will always rule. As it's also their job to not lose control. 💿 The new album will be out via DISSONANCE PRODUCTIONS, involved with many UK bands. Can you tell us something about the relationships with this "new" label? Desolation Angels has always been very much an independent setup. Not that we want it to be, or wanted it to be back in the day either. It's just that for one unknown reason or another, that's the way it has turned out for Desolation Angels? Believe me, we would welcomely take all the help we could get to promote and fire our band into the public eye.

Gosh of course we would! So with Dissonance Productions on board, that's what we hope to achieve?

The deal we have with DP won't propel Desolation Angels into the so-called 'Big Time'.

But what we have with DP is a worldwide distribution deal. So with this help and the extra publicity generated through Dissonance Productions, we hope to advance ourselves a little, and also capitalise on this opportunity to gain more awareness, and more of a foothold worldwide for Desolation Angels. And then from there, hopefully move on to bigger and even more greater things?

 Well that's the plan as it stands right now. World domination would be cool, but the bloke with the passport to world domination hasn't actually stopped by the Desolation Angels office yet. Oh well, we live in hope.

💿 What's do you think about the renewed interest for NWOBHM and Traditional HM? Love for "vintage" or a new golden era? Anyway I believe that is magic this remade interest for this kind of music To me I'm not really concerned at all by all of these terms: 'NWOBHM', 'Traditional HM', 'Vintage' - or even bothered as to whether there is a 'New Golden Age' or era going on, or one coming in this direction any time soon? It makes no odds to me. All I'm concerned about is that I can keep going, that Desolation Angels keeps going, that we keep playing our brand of Rock music, that people keep wanting to hear and dig our sound, and vibe that we project. I'm on the creative side of things, so to me, fads come in one day, and then as time passes that certain fad of the day eventually leaves through the exit door of the next.

But Desolation Angels and our music remain constant, we carry on writing, we keep on playing, we keep on doing what we do best. We do all of this whilst fads and trends and all things fashionable constantly change around us. But we as a band carry on regardless, regardless of whatever the latest hype for such matters are at the time? All that matters to us, is that we will keep on delivering our music, and that we will always be there ROCKIN the **** out! 💿 Can you tell us something about your next live projects? We have seen several gigs scheduled Again, as we have no backing, or agents working for us, and as I said earlier, the deal with Dissonance Production is a distribution deal only, and they (sadly) aren't a booking agent either. So everything has to be done off our own backs. Desolation Angels aren't bankrolled in any way, so we can't even afford to buy on to any big tours, so it's just a question of us putting together our own gigs, and our own mini-tours. At the moment we have about fifteen to eighteen gigs lined up across the UK and Europe. This list will increase as the year goes on, with more dates in Europe.

Also, there is talk of a trip out to Brazil as well! But this is yet to be fully confirmed. But the wheels are turning on this, and all will be revealed very soon on that little adventure. 

So please do keep your eye on our website for ever-changing details

And for those that want to book the band? Please do contact Paul Chatfield.

Our Road manager Email:

💿 Lastly, Can you tell us something about the cover of "KING"? Who made it? A really good job! 'm really glad you guys appreciate the KING art.

It's a group decision at the end of the day as to what gets on to our covers, but I am in fact the architect and creator of this cover. I came up with the concept and also did the artwork too.

The idea behind the cover is all to do with the kind of persons that are akin to the occult world, or to do with the fascination of those that desire to delve into supernatural or paranormal behaviour. The end product is that these people often end up carrying out a solemn ceremony or ritual, with hypnotic chanting from the gathered therewithin, and with the head honcho walking slowly dressed in his finest Black Magic regalia head bowed down onward towards the sacrificial altar, mumbling quietly to himself, ('or herself' - as is the right of Stan/Loretta from the Life Of Brian) . . . then once at the altar a series of actions take place and the chanting becomes intolerably louder and louder to the point of overwhelming hysteria, the mythical sacrificial dagger is raised, sweat is dripping from walls, cascading sounds of horror are bouncing inaudibly and traumatically in all directions as the encroaching blackness surrounds and consumes, scent ladened smoke fills the air with an abominable stench swirling ever thicker and thicker - all and everything starts to blur around and around as the heat rises and the insanity prevails . . . and so it is at this point that the summoning forth will commence. A call for the supreme spirit of evil; Satan, The Evil One, The Dark Spirit; a demon? . . . it is this name they give to their master that interested me?

As there are some that might refer to this supreme being as the KING?

Your acceptance or not as to whether you believe something exists or is true is for your own debating and within your own realms of belief?

All I am saying is that there we are, depicted with the supreme beast on the cover with our name above his outstretched arms, almost as if we have been called upon by the KING. 💿 Thank you so much for your time! See you soon on Hardrockheavymetal! Thank you guys, it's been a real pleasure. Keep the HEAVY METAL faith and flag flying high now lets all ROCK the HECK OUT!!!

God bless you all


(Thanks Paul Chatfield)

(Pics 1 from DISSONANCE PRODUCTIONS Fb; Pics 2 /4 from band's Fb; Pics 3 credits Hardrockheavymetal live GRIMM UP NORTH FEST)


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