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💿 Hi,it’s a pleasure for us to have on Hardrockheavymetal GABRIELS! Let’s start talking about the birth of your passion for music..When is this all begun? Which bands or kind of music have influenced you?

Gabriels: Hi everyone and thanks for the space in your web passion of music beginning long time ago by my father and not is only a passion but a work. The bands influenced me are many for explain all but my idol and who influenced me more was Yngwie Malmsteen.

💿For a few days is out your new album called “OVER THE OLYMPUS”. Can you tell us somethin’about this platter and its composition process? We had the privilege to reviewing it and we’re very satisfied!

Gabriels: Thanks a lot!!! The composition process began in 2010 when I played everything myself, afterwards I started to write all the scores and while I did it I changed a lot of things I had previously written. Many have been erased and other rewrites of a healthy plant. I also changed many of the arrangements up to this result. I contacted the orchestra conductor who put together many willing and enthusiastic pupils and started the recordings.

💿Honestly your style it’s hard to classify..Do you believe is important classify a style or a band or is it more important the quality of music?

Gabriels: Of course is more important the quality of music and yes it's hard but simply in the same time. Try listen to this work as if it were a rock or metal album and the style will immediately come to mind.

💿 In the past you worked with two metal icons as MARK BOALS and FABIO LIONE. Can you tell us somethin’about workin’with them?

Gabriels: Oh wow yes, Mark Boals is one of the Malmsteen voices that I liked more and was a dream come true work with him. He was precise and very professional in doing everything as I wanted and then live... his best side is that live is like hearing the record.

Fabio lione is a war machine, a natural talent surrounds him ... I remember that the evening before a concert he had no voice. We all thought that the next day he could not sing instead at the concert it was as if nothing had happened.

💿The real “news” in music industry is the return of vinyl; What’s your feeling about this classic format and the current music business?

Gabriels: Mmmmm this is a hard question. On the one hand I am very happy that the vinyl is back but let's tell the truth how much can you sell nowadays?

💿 Can you tell us somethin’about your next projects?

Gabriels: Sure this "Over the Olympus" was a parenthesis and a pause between the first and the second act of my rock opera "Hokuto No Ken" and in a few months the second act will come out that will see the inclusion of new characters and many new features starting from the new label ... soon the official announcement and release date.

(Thanks Nadir Promotion)

💿 Thank you so much for your time! See you soon on Hardrockheavymetal!

Gabriels: Thanks to you again for the space. (Thanks Nadir Promotion)


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