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OUT 2018 (JAN 15TH)


And finally is the time for the 4th full-length by WHITE WIZZARD, the well-known HM band from Los Angeles!

"Finally" because the expectations towards this band are always high!

LET'S START TO END: WE ARE FACING AN AWESOME ALBUM..they have technique, they are able to composing and playing complex structures making everything simple when it matters! No album to buy, maybe in the double coloured vinyl version that now we're holding in our hands!

After many line-up changes over the years, WYATT ANDERSON on vocals and JAMES LaRUE are back.

In this album you can find a lot of things: us power metal, classic hm, prog phrases, complex structures and catchy moments.

This work starts strong with the title track , almost 5 min duration, with rumbling bass and creative drummin' and you can see classic HM and prog drops, moments faster and moderns.

STORM THE SHORES goes on in classic mood, supported by "nastier" voice of WYATT and enhanced by amazing solos' support.

PRETTY MAY is the shortest song of the album but it isn't less effective than other songs.

CHASING DRAGONS is a real gem..over 8 minutes of pure delight!

The structure of the tune is almost progressive, in the wide meaning of the term; a classic HM part fits were well..anyway a song to discovered with many changes of time and surprises.

VOYAGE OF THE WOLF RAIDERS, almost 10 min duration, includes Maiden's drops and "oriental" deviations, within a classic structure.

We goes on with CRITICAL MASS..a complex song but extremely usable!

Not least COCOON; METAMORPHOSIS starts in more thoughtful mood before opening to 11 min of THE ILLUSION'S TEARS, another structured song that, we are sure, you'll love at first sight!

IN OUR OPINION..An album to buy..surely, one of the best news of the year!!

#WHITEWIZZARD #uspower #nwothm

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