BERNIE SHAW - Before Uriah Heep's time

Bernard "Bernie" Shaw (born June 15, 1956 in Victoria, British Columbia) is the Canadian singer, for the British Hard Rock legends Uriah Heep.

In the eighties Shaw wanted to be a guitarist.

When a local band was looking for a second guitarist in 1974, Shaw was auditioned, but bass player advised him to buy a mic and come back next.

When he was auditioned, he was chosen as a singer of the band.

With this band called Cold Sweat he toured over the next 3 years.

Next in the same year, he was called to join band Legend.

After weeks of thoughts, he decided to move to England and try his luck in London.

In December 1978, Shaw left Canada moving to London; here he was auditioned and got the job of lead singer with Paris, founded by Phil Lanzon.

Paris signed a record deal with RCA and changed their name to Grand Prix.

Shaw sang on the album Grand Prix out in 1980.

In October 1981 he had been replaced by Robin McAuley.

In December 1981 Shaw joined Praying Mantis, a band birth in NWOBHM'S movement.

Other band members were Tino Troy (guitar), Chris Troy (bass), Dave Potts (drums) and John Bavin (keyboards).

The band was managed by Deep Purple manager John Coletta but they still had problems getting a record deal.

Shaw did not record an album with Praying Mantis but did appear on the EP Turn The Tables, recorded in 1982.

From December 1983 to the middle of 1984 Shaw played in Clive Burr's Escape, a band with ex-Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr. Praying Mantis members Chris and Tino Troy were also in the group. Shortly after Shaw joined, the band went on as Escape and, next, as STRATUS. The album Throwing Shapes was recorded at the Frankfurter Dreamboat studio with Tino Troy on guitar, Alan Nelson on keyboards, Chris Troy on bass and Clive Burr on drums.

When Stratus finally played their last gig at the London Marquee Club, Mick Box saw Bernie Shaw and then hired him as the band's new singer.

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