Michael Burston (1949-2011), a.k.a. Würzel, was a well-known Motörhead's guitarist.

He played on six studio albums, and two live albums. Before joining Motörhead in 1984, he was a corporal in the Army and had played in the bands Bastard and Warfare.

In the 80's he played in a band called "Made in England" (next named "The Meek").

With Phil Campbell he was hired by Motörhead; with a new four-piece line-up made its debut recording a backing track for The Young Ones on 14 February 1984.

Burston acquired the nickname Würzel whilst in the Army; next Lemmy advised Würzel to add an umlaut to the 'U' , for a stronger effect! Although he played on "Sacrifice", he left the band before the tour. 

He was not replaced and Motörhead became a power-trio.

He had made a few guest appearances with the band: at the 2008 Download Festival and at the 2009 Guilfest, as well as a few other appearances on the band's 2008 UK tour. In 1987 Würzel recorded his first solo E.P., "Bess".

The E.P. included the instrumental title track, two Rock pieces, 'Midnight in London' and 'People Say I'm Crazy', and an instrumental Jazz Rock-orientated track, 'E.S.P.'. In 1998 Würzel recorded and released an album entitled Chill Out Or Die.  Before he died, Würzel was working on new material with his new band, Leader of Down.

💿Discography💿 ♨With Motörhead

No Remorse (Compilation, 1984)

Orgasmatron (1986)

Rock 'n' Roll (1987)

Nö Sleep at All (Live album, 1988)

The Birthday Party (Live album, 1990)

1916 (1991)

March ör Die (1992)

Bastards (1993)

Sacrifice (1995)

BBC Live & In-Session (Live album, 2005)

Solo works

Bess (1987)

Chill Out Or Die (The Ambient Album) (1998)

♨Other work and guest appearances♨

Warfare – Metal Anarchy (1985)

V.A. – "Where Would You Rather Be Tonight?" (1986)

Atomgods – WOW! (1988)

Warhead – Warhead (1995)

Disgust – A World Of No Beauty (1996)

WVKEAF – "Jump/Maximism" – (1997)

Splodgenessabounds – Artful Splodger (2001)

VHS and DVD appearances

Motörhead – The Birthday Party (1985)

Motörhead – 1916 Live...Everything Louder than Everything Else VHS & DVD 1991.

Motörhead – Videobiography (2007)  (Wurzel is featured on Disc 2 of Motörhead Videobiography, in a 50 minute interview, his first since leaving the band; filmed in early 2007)

Motorhead The Ultimate Review (Double DVD with different Wurzel interview footage to the above on DVD 2) Anvil Media (ANV5096) - July 2013

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