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BAND Noturnall ALBUM 9 LABEL Rockshots Records RELEASE 2018 (Jan 19th-North America) 2017 (Oct 27th-Europe)

OUR RATING 83/100 Music Video - Hearts As One -

This highly experienced group from Brazil are about to release their new album entitled ‘9’ in North America on January 19th, 2018 via Rockshots Records to follow its European release on October 27, 2017. The follow-up to ‘Noturnall’ and ‘Back To Fuck You Up’, ‘9’, features a guest appearance from no less a metal luminary than Adrenaline Mob’s Mike Orlando.

The band grew from a previous band called Shaman, and that it stands for ‘No Turn At All’ as it was destiny that drove them to become NOTURNALL. Let's start to end: a various, multi-faceted job for all fans of Prog Metal, with drops of HM, POWER HM and more melodic chapters, the whole thing with a modern and contemporary touch.

The album starts determined with HEY! with a prog intro and a riffing that doesn't leave indifferent supported by drummin' of AQUILES PRIESTER, a real top player (WASP, PRIMAL FEAR and so much more).

CHANGE goes on alternating within heavier and lighter parts.

WAKE UP starts with guitar's solo and goes on with heavier riffs and the omnipresent bass job.

MOVING ON is one of less heavy tunes, with power drops and somethin' that remind us fellow citizens ANGRA.

MYSTERIOUS is more POWER oriented before HEART AS ONE, the melodic side of this well-done job.

WHAT YOU WAITING FOR is a modern HM, absolutely fresh and smart, before SHADOWS, more catchy.

PAIN is the last gem of this album, melodic and airy.

TRACKLIST 01 - HEY! 5:51 02 - CHANGE 4:14 03 - WAKE UP! 5:21 04 - MOVING ON 4:53 05 - MYSTERIOUS 4:43 06 - HEARTS AS ONE 4:00 07 - WHAT YOU WAITING FOR 4:34 08 - SHADOWS 4:07 09 - PAIN 3:54


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