LOVEDRIVE is the 6th studio album by SCORPIONS, released in 1979. 

Lovedrive was the first album to released by Harvest Records in Europe and Mercury Records in the Us and Canada.

This is the first album with Matthias Jabs on lead guitar.

Jabs replaced Uli Jon Roth who formed Electric Sun.

Michael Schenker, younger brother of rhythm guitarist Rudolf, who had just split from UFO, recorded lead guitars on "Another Piece of Meat", "Coast to Coast", "Holiday", "Loving You Sunday Morning" and "Lovedrive".

At the beginning of the Scorpions' German tour in February 1979, it was announced that Michael had rejoined the band and the group parted ways with Matthias Jabs.

However, in April 1979 Michael quit leading to Jabs' immediate return. Side one

1."Loving You Sunday Morning" Klaus Meine, Herman RarebellRudolf Schenker 5:36

2."Another Piece of Meat" Rarebell R. Schenker, Rarebell 3:30

3."Always Somewhere" Meine R. Schenker 4:56

4."Coast to Coast"  R. Schenker 4:42

Side two

5."Can't Get Enough" Meine R. Schenker 2:36

6."Is There Anybody There?" Meine, Rarebell R. Schenker 3:58

7."Lovedrive" MeineR. Schenker 4:49 

8."Holiday" MeineR. Schenker 6:32

♨LINE UP♨ Klaus Meine - lead vocals

Matthias Jabs - lead guitar, backing vocals

Rudolf Schenker - rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Francis Buchholz - bass, backing vocals

Herman Rarebell - drums, backing vocals

Production Dieter Dierks - producer, engineer, mixing

(Public Pics taken from Fb)

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