Hardrockheavymetal city: Copenaghen

A recent trip to Copenaghen was a good chance to visit some record stores and places linked to our favourite kind of music.

Our first stop was in Michael Denner's (MERCYFUL FATE, DENNER SHERMANN) home called BEAT BOP, a small but nice record shop in the Town centre.

A great selection of news in Hard'n'Heavy department, both CDs and vinyl; not least the Hard Rock/Classic Rock and Jazz departments.

A few minutes out another great record stores called SEX BEAT RECORDS, a little gem, very tidy, with a great selection of new vinyl and a lot of fresh latest releases.

To remind the very kind owner with which was a pleasure to have a chat.

Next we moved to west, towards VESTERBRO, neighborhood of the mighty label TARGET GROUP label and Mike Tramp, founding member of WHITE LION.

Under the TARGET'S Headquarter you can find the great rodk bar ZEPPELIN with VINYL-THE HANGOUT.

Also in VESTERBRO, we visited two great record stores as ACCORD, with a lot od special offers, both vinyl and Cds (others two stores in Copenaghen), and SOUND STATION, with a kind owner

and an awesome selection of vinyl and cds, both in very good condition.

The last visit was at JAZZ CUP, a great selection of JAZZ cds but also news of others genres and a great Coffee bar.

This is only a small selection for a city and a country which has done much to our favourite kind of music!

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