BAND Old Mother Hell ALBUM Old Mother Hell LABEL Cruz Del Sur Music OUT 2018 (Feb 23rd)


OLD MOTHER HELL was born in 2015 from the ashes of a local thrash act, HATCHERY.

The band recorded their self-titled debut album in May 2017 in Mannheim (Germany) with producer/engineer Jens Siefert.

Let's start to the end: a beautiful job by this amazing power-trio..trio? It seems they're playing in five or six!!

Guys that learned the lesson from the the past (BLACK SABBATH at first) but looking to the future, with a deeply own style.

This album starts in waitin' with ANOTHER WAR, in grandiloquent and epic mood, powerful and majestic at the same time, before developing in a classic HM.

MOUNTAIN is an another great mix, before an amazing doom in Sabbath's way, before exploding in a classic HM, with bass guitar in pole position.

NARCOTIC OVERTHROW begins in waitin' before turning in somethin' various and classic with an awesome drummin'job..a band that never leaves nothin' granted!

HOWLING WOLVES is a real gem with great changes of time that doesn't make never boring the track.

KNEEL TO NO GOD is another great tune in Sabbath's mood before the real masterpiece, the title track..over 8 min of pure fun; a doom, melodic, powerful, classic..song! Every word can't describe the level achieved.

Nothing else to say: another top level band in the CRUZ DEL SUR's roster!

TRACKLIST 1. Another War 2. Mountain 3. Narcotic Overthrow 4. Howling Wolves 5. Kneel To No God 6. Old Mother Hell LINE UP Ronald Senft BG Ruben André DR

Bernd Wener GT VC

(Thanks ClawHammer Pr)

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