SEVENTH STAR is the 12th studio full-lenght by Black Sabbath, avalaible from January 1986.

This album came out after not easy times for the band.

With Tony Iommi being the one and only founding member left, Geoff Nicholls, Eric Singer, and Dave Spitz contributed to this job.

Glenn Hughes was the lead singer on this album and he didn't play bass.

It was the first Black Sabbath album to feature the band as a quintet, as keyboardist Geoff Nicholls was confirmed as an official band member the previous year.

The album was the first release of the band without Geezer Butler, who left the band in 1984 after the BORN AGAIN tour.

It was originally intended to be the first solo album by Iommi.

However, due to pressures by Warner Bros. Records and manager Don Arden, the record was called as "Black Sabbath featuring Tony Iommi".

Side one

1."In for the Kill"3:48

2."No Stranger to Love"4:28

3."Turn to Stone"3:28

4."Sphinx (The Guardian)"1:12

5."Seventh Star"5:20

Side two

6."Danger Zone"4:23

7."Heart Like a Wheel"6:35

8."Angry Heart"3:06

9."In Memory..."2:35

2010 Deluxe Edition

Disc 1 bonus track

10."No Stranger to Love" (Single remix) 2010 Deluxe Edition Disc 2Edit

Recorded at Hammersmith Odeon in London, England on 2 June 1986, featuring Ray Gillen on VC:

1."The Mob Rules"

2."Danger Zone"

3."War Pigs"

4."Seventh Star"

5."Die Young"

6."Black Sabbath"


8."Neon Knights"


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