2017..an year full of NWOTHM!

Our readers know that we don't love charts and scores, so we want simply talk about of some best news in NWOTHM's scene throughout this ending year, with the certainty of forgetting somebody or somethin. .and we apoligize for this!.

The new names in traditional metal's world are several, clear sign of vitality of whole movement.

We begin from Europe and, particularly, from SWEDEN with a lot of acknowledgements as AIR RAID, in best shape with ACROSS THE LINE, RAM with ROD saga, SCREAMER with HELL MACHINE, STORMHOLD with SALVATION and PORTRAIT with BURN THE WORLD, darker and maybe one step ahead.

Near SWEDEN but in FINLAND, we appreciate albums of LEGIONNAIRE called DAWN OF GENESIS,very direct, and MAUSOLEUM GATE, with head and heart dipped in seventies.

From Ireland we have listened with big attention the second full length by STEREO NASTY, called TWISTING THE BLADE.

We go down to GERMANY to appreciate doom metal of LORD VIGO in BLACKBORNE SOULS, the amazing speed of STALLION in FROM THE DEAD and VULTURE, darker and faster than ever.

Still in Europe, to report the amazing NOW OR NEVER by STREAMER from SPAIN, SLEAZER and ANGEL MARTYR from ITALY and new job from EVIL INVADERS, called FEED ME VIOLENCE.

From country of NWOBHM, to remind the beautiful SECOND SIGHT by NEURONSPOILER and the compilation BRITISH STEEL, also via DISSONANCE PRODUCTIONS, with a lot of stunning band ready for debut full-length as TOLEDO STEEL or ELIMINATOR.

A lot of confirmations from USA: NIGHT DEMON with the masterpiece DARKNESS REMAINS with the great JARVIS LEATHERBY involved also in reunion of legends as CIRITH UNGOL and JAGUAR, HELL FIRE with more mature FREE AGAIN, the new EP's by SAVAGE MASTER and HIGH SPIRITS, LADY BEAST with "almost perfect" VICIOUS BREED, the never-boring WALPYRGUS NIGHTS by WALPYRGUS and the new FROM FIELDS OF FIRE by ARGUS.

There's time to remind two of our favourites: MANDRAGORA from PERÙ with WAVES OF STEEL and the new self titled by BATTLE RAIDER.

And someone was telling that traditional scene was disappearing..

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