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Our readers know that we don't love charts and scores, so we want simply talk about of some best news in NWOBHM's movement throughout this ending year, with the certainty of forgetting somebody or somethin'..and we apoligize all the same for this!

This year was the tim of the first album by VENOM INC, with an incredible job called AVÉ; TONY DOLAN, TONY BRAY and JEFF DUNN put togheter an awesome mix of classic, speed and black HM, proud of their roots but looking to the future!

Not least EVO EVANS with its album "WARFARE", enhanced by a lot of special guests as FAST EDDIE CLARKE and LIPS.

A touching and emotional tribute to TERRY JONES was the album ROOM OF SHADOWS by PAGAN ALTAR while DESOLATION ANGELS, after the 30th anniversary ed. for their classic self-titled full-length, surprised everybody with the new platter KING, interesting from beginning to end (new edition in 2018 after contract signed with DISSONANCE PRODUCTIONS).

They are to be noted also the new CLOVEN HOOF "WHO MOURNS FOR THE MORNING STAR" (with a great line up built around the founder LEE PAYNE), the new TYTAN called "JUSTICE SERVED", and the amazing "STILL BURNING" by MYTHRA, seen in the best shape possible.

To report the return of WARRIOR from NEWCASTLE with the sparkling INVASION IMMINENT, and ROCK GODDESS with an enjoyable EP.

Not least the stunning EP's by TRAITORS GATE, one of the more underrated NWOBHM'S band, and TROYEN, with "STORM CHILD".

Also MILLENIUM are back in full-force with a (real) AWAKENING!; last but not least there was time also for BLACKMAYNE, with a greatest hits with three new tunes!


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