BAND SEASONS OF THE WOLF ALBUM LAST ACT OF THE DEFIANCE OUT 2018 (JAN 26TH) LABEL Iron Shield Records OUR RATING 84/100 SEASONS OF THE WOLF is a band founded in Florida in the late 80s that between 1996 and today released 4 world class albums. Two of those four album (Seasons Of The Wolf and Lost In Hell) have since been released as LP and double LP by Pure Steel Records. Their USMetal mixed with keyboards and a sense for evoking emotional melodies has been their trademark from the very beginning. At long last both their late 80s/early 90s recordings, previously only available on cassette, can be heard. For the first time these early works, remastered from the original old tape recordings, are finally available in 2014 on 2 CDs and, now, after a 11 years break, the band is back with an emotional new release. This work starts in waitin' and in searchin' for the right environment, with SOLAR FLARE.. the 1st gem with a smart vibe, a song keyboards-driven with the right prog flavour. DESERT NIGHT SKY is a one-minute summoning arpeggio right to introduce TAKE US TO THE STARS, another ace keyboards-driven with a great guitar solo to remind. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH has an over 7 min duration and is a clear progressive tune where it must be expected all. CENTURIES OF PAIN starts determined with a guitar intro before developing itself in a great mix between US CLASSIC HM and PROG. DRIFTER is a song more direct before FOOLS GOLD, that goes in the same way. ANOTHER DAY is a great mix through HR, PROG and somethin'modern. DARK STRATOSPHERE is an amazing interludio before NO ROOM IN HELL, with inspired vocals, heavy riffing, before developing itself. The title track ends this great return in heavier way, clear signs that this is a band is a lot of things! US CLASSIC METAL, PROG , HARD ROCK..A LOT OF THINGS FOR THE RETURN OF AN UNDERRATED BAND!!

♨TRACKLIST♨ 1. Solar Flare 2. Desert Night Sky 3. Take Us To The Stars 4. Be Careful What You Wish 5. Centuries Of Pain 6. Drifter 7. Fools Gold 8. Another day 9. Dark Stratosphere 10. No More Room In Hell 11. Last Act Of Defiance ♨LINE-UP♨ Wes E. Waddell – vocals Barry D. Waddell aka "Skully" – guitar, backing vocalst Dennis A. Ristow aka "Dr. Samurai" – keyboards, backing Vocals studio Clay E. Yeagley – bass Dwayne "Thunderhoof" Brier (R.I.P.) – drums #progressive #traditionalheavymetal #classicmetal (THANKS Pure Steel Promotion)

#Usmetal #prog

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