"The Devil You Know" is the one and only studio album by Heaven & Hell, the Black Sabbath MOB RULES line up. It was the Ronnie James Dio final studio album before his death in May 2010. The album's US import was released in Japan on 24 April 2009, four days earlier than its original due date of 28 April. The Japan pressing which is a SHM-CD (Super High Material CD) was released on 27 April. It was produced by the band and sound engineer Mike Exeter. In 2006 the Ronnie James Dio-era Black Sabbath line-up recorded three new tracks, "The Devil Cried", "Shadow of the Wind", and "Ear in the Wall" for a greatest hits called "Black Sabbath:The Dio Years". The album artwork is adapted from a painting by Per Øyvind Haagensen entitled Satan An alternative cover is available exclusively at Wal-Mart within US. Heaven & Hell embarked on a second international tour (after their 2007 tour) in support of The Devil You . The band's first gig was in Bogota on 5 May 2009. They were supported by Coheed and Cambria and The Mars Volta on North America for a select number of shows in August 2009

♨TRACKLIST♨ 1."Atom and Evil"5:15 2."Fear"4:48 3."Bible Black"6:29 4."Double the Pain"5:25 5."Rock and Roll Angel"6:02 6."The Turn of the Screw"5:02 7."Eating the Cannibals"3:37 8."Follow the Tears"6:12 9."Neverwhere"4:35 10."Breaking into Heaven"6:53 Total length:53:31 iTunes exclusive bonus tracks 11."I" (live)6:30 12."Die Young" (live) 6:46

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