The X Factor is the 10th studio full-lenght by Iron Maiden, released on October 2nd,1995.

It's the first with Blaze Bayley, seen with Wolfsbane, as vocalist.

"Man on the Edge" and "Lord of the Flies" were released as singles.

Both of these songs, and "Sign of the Cross," remained in Iron Maiden setlists following Bruce Dickinson's return. Live versions of these songs with Dickinson on vocals can be found on the single for "The Wicker Man" and the live albums Death on the Road and Rock in Rio respectively, while the same live takes of "Man on the Edge" and "Sign of the Cross" were later re-released on Iron Maiden's 2011 compilation album From Fear to Eternity.

Tracklist 1."Sign of the Cross" Steve Harris11:18

2."Lord of the Flies" Harris, Janick Gers5:04

3."Man on the Edge" Blaze Bayley, Gers 4:13

4."Fortunes of War"Harris7:24

5."Look for the Truth" Bayley, Gers, Harris5:10

6."The Aftermath"Harris, Bayley, Gers6:21

7."Judgement of Heaven"Harris5:12

8."Blood on the World's Hands"Harris5:58

9."The Edge of Darkness"Harris, Bayley, Gers 6:39

10."2 A.M."Bayley, Gers, Harris5:38

11."The Unbeliever"Harris, Gers 8:10

Japanese bonus disc

1."Justice of the Peace" Harris, Dave Murray3:33

2."I Live My Way"Harris, Bayley, Gers 3:48

3."Judgement Day"Bayley, Gers 4:04

LINE UP ISteve Harris BG

Blaze Bayley VC

Dave Murray GT

Janick Gers GT

Nicko McBrain DR

Additional musicians:

Michael Kenney KB

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