OUT 2018 (JAN 26TH CD, MAR 30TH LP)



REVENGE are ready to return with a new full-length and they goes on with their faith in classic speed metal tradition.

Eight tracks (plus 3 bonus available only on vinyl version) are ready to put on fire your stereo!

HEAVY METAL FRIENDS is a classic anthem to celebrate their (and our) love for this kind of music, a speed metal song with drops of classic HM, various and never boring and with a great solo that ends the track.

THIRST OF AVENGE goes on in the same way, before RISE OF THE BRAVES.

From the title track this album is more direct and totally speed.

Great the version of the classic INFERNAL ANGELS.

Nothin'all to say..perfect for all classic speed metal fans, all in the best tradition!


REVENGE was formed in 2002 in Colombia with the idea of playin' eighties Speed Metal . In 2003 REVENGE spread the first demo "Infernal Angels" in fenv copies. After acceptance Of Metal maniacs in Colombia REVENGE in 2004 make the first album called " Metal Warriors".

During one year REVENGE play in more cities of Colombia and finally in 2006 release the second album "Rage and Revenge" on label Wicked Kreations. More and more REVENGE growing in the scene and contacts with labels in the world too. In 2008 REVENGE make the mini album Bang your Head" an album with new tracks, live songs under pressing Of Rata Mutante Records Who would become the official Label Of Revenge. In 2010 Floga Records Release REVENGE's album "Death Sentence" as LP and Iron Bonehead Record are releasing a 7"Si "Whipping Death", the german vinyl version of "Bang your Head". In 2010 too REVENGE make a DVD called "Revenge is very good eaten cold" which focuses on the 'Death Sentence" album. 2010 - 201 1 others metal labels in South America spear 7 titles of REVENGE in tape version like "Metal warriors", "Infernal angels", "Rage and Revenge", "Death sentence" and "Revenge". In 2011 REVENGE release the 4. full album in 10 years of Speed Metal called "Metal is addiction and obsession". This album was released as CD, tape, colored & black vinyl by Floga Records in Greece and Kill Again Records in Brazil. In 2012 Iron Shield Records make a special Edition of album "Rage and Revenge" with bonus live titles. In 2013 after the band release the album "Vendetta" (as CD , LP and Tape) Revenge was touring a lot and recorded after this the Soldiers Under Satans Command In begin of 2015 Iron Shield released the LP and CD version of" Harder Than Steel " album for worldwide distribution.


Esteban Mejia " Hellfire" VC GT

Jorge Rojas "Seth" BG Daniel Hernandez Hell Avenger"- DR

Esteban Munoz Garcia Night Crawler" LG


I. Heavy Metal Friends 3:33

2. Thirst Of Avenge 3:52

3. Rise of the Braves 5:04 4. Spitting Fire 3:51

5. Thy Axes Scream 3:10

6. Wild Till Death 4:23

7. Sadistic Cruelty The Revengeance 4:40

8. Infernal Angels 4:05

9. Call to Fight 3:50 ☆

10. Live to Be Wild 4:49 ☆

11. Die Hard 10:06 ☆

☆3 Vinyl only bonus titles from Die Hard" EP



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