OUT 2017 (Oct 27th)



After two amazing careers in hard’n’heavy world, finally It's the time for a project that involves the APPICE BROTHERS.

Stop..It's a project but not only in studio but also LIVE! And, in our opinion, this is very important in a time where more and more frequently we're being invaded from a lot of only studio's bands without heart and with musicians that, maybe, know each other only through e-mail or skype..

The history of APPICE's family is connected with legends as BLACK SABBATH, VANILLA FUDGE, DIO, CACTUS, KING KOBRA..but they're humble and not pompous, so this album is a real full lenght and not a collection of solos or cover.

In this project there's a lot friends involved as PAUL SHORTINO, that sings in three songs (amazing the single MONSTERS AND HEROES dedicated to the never forgotten RONNIE JAMES DIO), "partners in crime" as CRAIG GOLDY, MICK SWEDA, JOHNNY ROD, PHIL SOUSSAN with a great contribution of JIM CREAN on vocals.

To remind us the great jam SABBATH MASH (we'll leave you to the discover of the tunes mentioned), the rumbling cover of BLUE MURDER's classic RIOT, with the magic ROBIN MCAULEY on vocals (he has voice and shape of 30 years ago..) and a lot of really classic hard rock songs..

To suggest.

#hardrock #appice #dio #blacksabbath

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