TAKEN BY FORCE is the 5th studio full-lenght by SCORPIONS, out by RCA Records in 1977. This was the first Scorpions album with Herman Rarebell as drummer and the last with Uli Jon Roth as guitarist.

Roth left the band in 1978 and was eventually replaced by Matthias Jabs. The lyrics to "We'll Burn the Sky" were a poem by Monika Dannemann, the last girlfriend of Jimi Hendrix.

Later, she was involved with Uli Jon Roth and they worked together on some songs.

The album cover photography was taken by Michael von Gimbut.

Like their previous two albums, Taken By Force caused problems with its cover which resulted being replaced in most countries with an alternative cover using photographs of the band members.


1."Steamrock Fever" Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine3:37

2."We'll Burn the Sky" Schenker, Monika Dannemann 6:26

3."I've Got to Be Free" Ulrich Roth 4:00

4."The Riot of Your Time"Schenker, Meine 4:09

5."The Sails of Charon" (most copies have a 4:23 edited version)Roth5:16

6."Your Light" Roth 4:31

7."He's a Woman – She's a Man" Schenker, Meine, Herman Rarebell 3:15

8."Born to Touch Your Feelings" Schenker, Meine7:40

2001 CD reissue bonus tracks:

9."Suspender Love" Schenker, Meine3:20

10."Polar Nights" (live version from Tokyo Tapes)Roth6:56


Klaus Meine – LV

Ulrich Roth – LG BV

Rudolf Schenker – RG BV

Francis Buchholz – BG BV

Herman Rarebell – DR BV Dieter Dierks – producer, engineer, mixing

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