OUT 2017 (Nov 17th)


The band is born under the will of John Goldfinch (well-known as vocalist of L' Impero delle Ombre, with two albums out, both via Black Widow Records, called "L' Impero delle Ombre" and "I Compagni di Baal") from love towards Classic HM and from the need to play an heavier music from his main band, more oriented to speed-metal and horror themes.

For this experience he recruits Peruvian, drummer of L' Impero delle Ombre, Francis Probus and Gabriel Goya on guitars and Nicholas Lestat on bass.

"Reborn from the Ashes" in an EP of 22 min featuring Steve Sylvester (Death SS) as special guest on first track.

This work begins with an epic and ossianic intro called EVIL METAL OBSESSION, before NIGHT ADVENTURE IN A DESECRATED CHURCH, the first trick up! A song hard to classify..and why should we classify it! Changes of time, pressin' drummin, a great solo, really "progressive", in the most genuine meaning of the term.

We go on with THE NIGHTMARE BEHIND and, after a clerical choir, the song develops itself in somethin' darker before opening itself up.

The title track is, in our opinion, the best in a good company..voices from a distance introduce a spreading and really interesting tune..powerful, fast and structured!

The LIBERATION OF THE CURSED SPIRIT starts mighty with an heavier riff..this song doesn't lose never strenght!

It's time to end with the ETERNAL DARKNESS OF BEING, a touchy outro..

Lastly what can we say?

CLASSIC HM at high level with epic and prog drops.

A job that grows in its solemny advancing.

It's a pity that it's so short!!


Evil Metal Obsession Night Adventure in a Desecrated Church The Nightmare Begins Reborn from the Ashes The Liberation of the Cursed Spirit Eternal Darkness of Being LINE-UP

John Goldfinch Vc Gabriel Goya GT Francis Probus GT Nicholas Lestat BG Peruvian DR

#classicHM #imperodelleombre #deathss

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