Michael J. Brown, a.k.a. "Wild" Mick Brown, was born in California on September 8, 1956 well known as drummer of Dokken, Ted Nugent, Lynch Mob, and Xciter. Dokken was founded by Mick Brown and Don Dokken in 1978 with "The Boyz" moniker and changed their name to Dokken in 1981 as Don Dokken had obtained a solo record deal with Carrere Records. Brown sang vocals on the track "Tooth and Nail" on Dokken's live acoustic album, released in 1995, entitled One Live Night. Brown and Don Dokken were the only members to appear on every Dokken album. Brown is credited on Broken Bones, but honestly Jimmy DeGrasso played on the record. Brown is also a member of T&N, a band with George Lynch Fan Page and Jeff Pilson. Their debut album "Slave To The Empire" was released October 31, 2012.

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