After the experience with legendary epic metal band OMEN, Kevin Goocher put together an all-stars band with JOEY TAFOLLA (JAG PANZER), JOEY VERA (ARMORED SAINT), JIMMY WALDO (ALCATRAZZ) and SIMON WRIGHT (AC/DC, DIO).

Thanks to HELLAPHONIC MUSIC, we had the privilege to listening to the first single called “Waiting On The End Of The World” .

An epic tune which develops itself in somethin'special..an hard’n’heavy keyboards-driven song with an amazing guitar solo, beautiful choirs..a top appetizer in waitin' from the first full-lenght.

We loved the last works of GOOCHER with OMEN but, honestly, we believe this is the right environment to sing at his best!


Kevin Goocher VC Joey Tafolla GT Simon Wright DR

Joey Vera BG Jimmy Waldo KB

#omen #jagpanzer #armoredsaint

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