MELISSA is the debut studio full-lenght by Mercyful Fate, out on 30 October 1983.

It was the first album released via Roadrunner Records.

It was also the first Mercyful Fate's work to get an official release in Us through Megaforce Records. On 18 July 1983, MF started recording in Copenhagen with producer Henrik Lund.

The band spent only 12 days in studio to record the album.

At that time, the label asked them to do a cover song, so the band chose Led Zeppelin's evergreen "Immigrant Song".

The band skipped it because it didn't fit well with the album.

In December 1983, "Black Funeral" single was released. It contained also the song "Black Masses", recorded during the Melissa sessions.

On 3 December 1983, Mercyful Fate were choosen to support Ozzy Osbourne in Copenhagen, but the show was canceled because of Ozzy's illness.

Later that same month, the band performed an headline show in Copenhagen.

The European tour started in Netherlands on January, 1984.

Side one 1. "Evil" 4:45 2. "Curse of the Pharaohs" 3:57 3. "Into the Coven" 5:11 4. "At the Sound of the Demon Bell" 5:23

Side two

No. Title Length 5. "Black Funeral" 2:50 6. "Satan's Fall" 11:23 7. "Melissa" 6:40 LINE UP King Diamond – vocals Hank Shermann – guitar Michael Denner – guitar Timi "Grabber" Hansen – bass Kim Ruzz – drums





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