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LEMMY - "Times before Motörhead.."

Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister (24/12/1945–28/12/2015), better known as Lemmy, was born in Stoke-on-Trent and grew up in North Wales. He was influenced by rock'n'roll and Beatles. In Stockport, Lemmy joined local bands and in 1965, he joined the Rockin' Vickers, who signed a deal with CBS, released three singles and toured Europe. Next The Rockin' Vickers, Lemmy moved to London in 1967. He shared a flat with Noel Redding, bassist of the The Jimi Hendrix Experience and with Neville Chesters, their manager. He worked as roadie for the band.

In 1968, he joined Sam Gopal under the name Ian Willis and recorded the album Escalator released in 1969. In 1969, he joined Opal Butterfly. In August 1971, Lemmy joined Hawkwind, who were based in London, as a bassist and vocalist. He also provided the lead vocals on several songs, including the band's biggest UK chart single, "Silver Machine". In 1975, Lemmy was arrested in Windsor, Ontario, on drug possession charges; next he was fired from Hawkwind. After Hawkwind, Lemmy formed a new band called "Bastard" with guitarist Larry Wallis (well known as member of Pink Fairies and UFO) and drummer Lucas Fox. When his manager said him that a name's band "Bastard" would never been accepted by "Top of the Pops'", Lemmy changed the band's name to Motörhead and It was the first step to build a LEGEND!...

(Public pics taken from Fb)

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