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STARSOUP, the well-known prog metal band from Russia, is ready to release their album CASTLES OF SAND digitally on November 20 and on CD December 1 via Metalism Records. After their debut album Bazaar of Wonders, the band took a break due to leader Alexey Markov taking part in his other projects DISTANT SUN (power/thrash metal) and GARAGE DAYZ (Metallica S&M Tribute Show). "Castles of Sand" is even more eclectic and is a great mix of influences, in the best progressive tradition.

The album will certainly appeal to the fans of QUEENSRYCHE, CIRCLE II CIRCLE and maybe DREAM THEATER. There will be two versions of the CD available: a standard jewel case with 12-page booklet and a deluxe digipack with 24-page color booklet, a STARSOUP guitar pick, and stickers. The CD versions also include two bonus tracks ("Light Up the Stars" and "Road to Sunset"). TRACKLIST 1. The Catcher in the Lie 2. Into the Woods 3. Brother's Plea 4. Your World Is Dead 5. Rumors of Better Love 6. Escapist 7. Winter in Shire 8. Castle 9. The World That Has Moved On 10. Light Up the Stars (CD bonus) 11. Moon on the Shore 12. Road to Sunset (CD bonus) BIO

Starsoup is the heavy metal/progressive rock project of vocalist/guitarist Alexey Markov (also DISTANT SUN). The songs vary stylistically - you may find them partially resembling Queensryche or Pain of Salvation and even Metallica (Alexey Markov plays a role of James Hetfield a in a Metallica S&M tribute with symphonic orchestra). The project's founding stages took place in Moscow towards the end of 2011, when the first single, "Angels", was recorded. The music consists of heavy guitars, atmospheric keys with an accent on the grand piano and varying vocal techniques. Lyrically, both albums are full of diversity. From sci-fi, fantasy and horror to love, politics and the depressing reality. For the moment, Starsoup is a studio project - the band consists of guest musicians. Due to the number of invited musicians and the band leader's engagements in other projects the recording of the first album was extended for over a year. In 2013 the first album BAZAAR OF WONDERS finally emerged into the light with the Sublimity Records label and received more than 50 reviews in 10+ languages. The second full-length, CASTLES OF SAND, will be released on the 1st of December 2017 via Metalism Records as a limited digipack and a standard jewel case. It will feature 2 bonus tracks in addition to the digital version.



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