💿 Let's start talking about the early days of the band, . When is this all begun? Which bands have influenced you and how much is different your style from the beginning? It all started 2008, a bunch of friends playing music together, and the main influences are Iron Maiden, Helloween and Hammerfall. When we first started to play the sound was a little more faster and sometimes more progressive. The more we played the more the sound changed to a more heavier and straight sound, adding more harmony guitars and melodies. Giving a more heavy/power metal touch. 💿 On December 8th will be out your new platter called SALVATION! Can you tell us somethin'about this album and its composition process? We had the privilege to listening to the album in preview and we're very satisifed.. Thank you, we're glad you liked it! Mostly its Jan that comes up with the ideas of songs with riffs, melodies and some lyrics and Filip makes most of the lyrics. We take the ideas to the rehearsal and talk about them and let everyone say what they think about it. And the songs on this album came out almost by themselves. We play the songs and mostly the lyrics arewritten while we play the songs. Like, when the song We march was written Jan came with the riffs and melodies and the chorus and Jonas had some ideas for the lyrics at home so we just put them both together. Or when Heart of a hero was written, Filip had the melodies for the song and the lyrics but needed to put music and riffs and by a coincidence Jan had ideas for a song already written that suited his ideas perfect.

💿 SALVATION will be out via PURE STEEL. Can you tell us somethin'about the relationships with this group? Yes and we`re satisfied with the relationship with Pure Steel. We`re glad that they want to release our album. We gave our material to them and asked if they wanted to release it for us and they said yes. 💿 The real "news" in music industry is the return of vinyl; What's your feeling about this classic format and the current music business? We like it, our plan is to make vinyl of both the first and the second album. It's good for the bands that the fans wants to buy vinyl cause it gives a boost for the bands that fans wants their music. And who doesn't like a big envelop? Haha We would say that its tough business. There is so many bands out there that wants to play so it'sreally up to you to show that you want this and that you`re unique. And also it's about contacts I would say, to open some doors for you. 💿 Are scheduled any gigs to promote this new platter? How much it matters to you playin'live? Yes, we have some gigs on our schedule. Gigs with Blazon Stone in Sandviken, one show in Varberg and a releaseparty for our second album. All three of them in Sweden. Our management, Metal Music Booking and Management, are working to give us gigs now when we release the second album Salvation. And for us it's important to play live because we like this so much. One of the best feelings we know is to play live and it's important to show that you can do it live and not only on CD. We feel that we`re even stronger live than on! #stormhold





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