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FLY TO THE RAINBOW is the second studio full studio full-lenght by SCORPIONS, out in 1974. In support of their LONESOME CROW album, Scorpions played as special guest for UFO.

At the end of the tour SCORPIONS guitarist Michael Schenker became an UFO's member.

Uli Roth was chosen as guitariist as well as drummer Jürgen Rosenthal and bass guitarist Francis Buchholz.

This new line recorded Fly to the Rainbow.

Three songs were co-written with departing guitarist Michael Schenker.

Five songs from Fly to the Rainbow were regularly performed live by Scorpions during the tours for it and the following album In Trance – the title track, “Speedy’s Coming”, “They Need a Million” and less often “This Is My Song” and “Drifting Sun"




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