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The new album from the swedish band STORMHOLD will be out on December 8th and will be full of many surprises! After a great tour with GRAVE DIGGER and some shows with HAMMERFALL and BULLET, STORMHOLD finished their second full lenght "Salvation".

The album starts speedy with HEART OF HERO, with the great voice of FILIP PETERSON in good shape.

A power metal song with classic metal flavour and neoclassical solo.

BLACK DEATH begins lilting and mighty, with a singing on lower tones and it moved into a more classic metal fence.

The 3rd song, THE STRANGER, with almost 7 min duration, starts with a great arpeggio and develops itself in somethin' more structured but always fresh and never boring.

It's a tune with so many faces, maybe "progressive" in its complexity.

EXILE is a great song between power metal and Maiden's long ride.

PATH OF NO RETURN changes once more time with the first arpeggio and the dreamin'voice, sometimes almost whispered.

GODS OF CRUSADE is a real ace; a more open song that starts speedy and develops itself with a great melodic break and classic metal ride, in the way of others contemporary NWOTHM bands.

EDGE OF THE WORLD reaches 8 min duration and begins with a great bass solo and Halford's mood singing and it's a nice view for all listeners through exciting getaways.

WE MARCH remind us somethin'from post ROSS THE BOSS MANOWAR'S era..epic and grand-sounding.

WE'LL NEVER FALL is a more power tune, with catchy and singalong choruses and drops of Maiden's influence.

Lastly what can we amazing album and surely one of the best new releases of December.


1. Heart Of A Hero 2. Black Death 3. The Stranger 4. Exile 5. Path Of No Return 6. God’s Crusade 7. Edge Of The World 8. We March 9. We’ll Never Fall

Total Playing Time: 45:36 min


1. Stormhold (2010, Demo) 2. Tales of Astraal (2012, EP) 3. Battle of the Royal Halls (2015)


Filip Petersson – lead vocals Jan Ekberg – bass, backing vocals Robin Hermansson – drums Jonas Nilsson – guitars, backing vocals Jakob Morhed - guitars, backing vocals







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