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ABOMINOG is the 14th full-length by Uriah Heep, published in 1982 (via Bronze Records in UK, and in USA via Mercury Records).

It was the first album without Ken Hensley and with John Sinclair on keyboards.

The album featured their hits "On the Rebound" and "That's the Way That It Is".

When the previous lineup disintegrated, Mick Box considered forming a new group but decided to continue with the Heep name. Abominog was the first of three albums with Peter Goalby on vocals and aforementioned keyboard player John Sinclair. It also marked the return of Lee Kerslake on drums.

The bassist was Bob Daisley, well-known member of RAINBOW and OZZY OSBOURNE's band.

One of the most notable things about "Abominog" is that half of the 10 tracks are cover version of songs by other artists. The album also included a remake of "Think It Over", a song recorded by previous line up of Uriah Heep. The original version, featuring John Sloman on lead vocals, was the A-side of a 1980 Heep single.





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