BAND Tyfon's Doom ALBUM Emperor's Path LABEL Gates of Hell Records OUT 2017 (Nov 17th)


Tommi Varsala's heavy metal machine TYFON'S DOOM will release Emperor's Path on Nov 17.

Recorded from autumn 2016 to February 2017 primarily in Tampere, Finland in Varsala's own rehearsal studio, Emperor's Path marks the first TYFON'S DOOM release to feature drummer Cederick Forsberg (Blazon Stone, Rocka Rollas, Cloven Altar) who laid down his parts at Studio 2-takt in Sweden

Let's start to end: usually I don't love studio projects without a real band with at least three elements and without a live activity; In this case let's make an exception because it's a well-done job.

TYRANT'S SCEPTRE begins load and epic, with rough singing and pressing drummin'.

The HIDDEN HAND starts in the right way and is an interesting epic tune with an high class solo.

The voice is "dusty", in Lemmy's mood; I'd be curious to see this song sung with a more epic voice.

SEA OF LIFE is more "catchy" and ends in "imperial" way.

BEYOND TREASON starts in more eighties way before developing in somethin'nice but maybe somethin' that won't drawn attention of the audience.

After the great ENDLESS WAR, MOONLIGHT starts with decision and is characterised by its great solo.

HOWLING DANGER is in our opinion one of the aces of this job.

After THE RIDER..., RISING EARTH is maybe the tune that we can't, honestly, appreciate.

STRANGE AEONS is a great intro before EMPEROR'S PATH, maybe the peak of this work; a lot of emphasis, great changes of time with an amazing solo.

Lastly.. a great work; we repeat that it would be interesting see the band with a dual option at the voice.

(Thanks ClawHammer PR).





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