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"Lonesome Crow" is the first full-lenght by Scorpions. It was recorded in one week after they became a professional band under production of Conny Plank and released 9 February 1972 as soundtrack to the German anti-drug movie "Das Kalte Paradies".

The album' style is somethin'different from next SCORPIONS album, it was more dark and melodic.

It's the one and only album with, at the time 17 years old, guitarist Michael Schenker, before he joined UFO and was replaced by Uli John Roth.

Micheal Schenker would rejoin the band briefly during the recording and touring of 1979’s Lovedrive.

Apart from occasional performances of “In Search of the Peace of Mind” up to 1978 and between 1996 and 2006, Scorpions have never played any song from Lonesome Crow in concert since the tour in support of "In Trance".

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