What we’ve seen in Bury (Greater Manchester-Uk) on September 30th/October 1st was really special. Two unforgettable days for all #NWOBHM and #traditionalHeavyMetal fans, organized by KEVIN WYNN and Tysondog to help Steve Grimmett of Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper, after the well-known expensive surgery. It was the festival of dual role for 3 singers as BILK GANG (GANG and TYSONDOG), TONY COLDHAM (THE DEEP and Tytan) and BRI O’SHAUGHNESSY (Seventh Son - Barnsley and Oliver/Dawson Saxon) but there’s so much more to tell. A lot of high level young bands; we remember two names, Streamer, out with their first full-lenght, and Toledo Steel (with STEVE GRIMMETT guest for SEE YOU IN HELL cover), two absolute TOP PLAYERS.

Don’t forget, among the rest, classic bands as TROYEN, with the fresh new EP out, LOVELL’S BLADE, the band of classic PICTURE singer, the furious Eternal Breath from BELGIUM. It was a pleasure see old lions with vitality as teenager as Weapon-UK or Salem (UK), in amazing shape and in waitin' for the new full-lenght. It was a big chance to hear the new songs (from the new album) of TYTAN and Desolation Angels.

Two words for “corrosive” Holocaust (we want a new album!) and OLIVER DAWSON SAXON with this several immortal songs. Lastly a few words about the crowd, on fire and soulful , but the number of people was unsatisfactory. But this a shared problem in a lot of countries.. #nwothm #nwobhm #classicmetal #traditionalheavymetal  

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