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Philip James "Phil" Lanzon is a 67 years old keyboardist of Hard Rock masters Uriah Heep since 1986.

In 1966, he played in his first band called The Loose End before joining The Cats Pyjamas from 1968 until 1969.

In 1977 he joined a new band: Romance with Neil Carter, well-known with UFO and Gary Moore, recording a four songs demo.

In 1978 Lanzon auditioned for a band called Raw Deal that needed a singer. This incarnation became Paris.

He can be heard on the June 1980 recorded Hot Chocolate hit "No Doubt about it".

At the end of 1979 Paris became Grand Prix, and Lanzon played kb on 3 albums.

In 1980 Lanzon played kb on the Cris-Spedding album I'm Not Like Everybody.

In 1984 Lanzon replaced Vic Emerson of Sad Café for a British tour.

Lanzon appears on both Steve Glen singles "That's Alright by Me"/"Just the Way We Are"/"Down Among the Dead Men"/'I'm Alright Jack".

In March 1985 Lanzon joined the band Operator with Robin McAuley (vc), Chris Glen (bg), Mick O'Donoghue (guitar) and Phil Taylor (dr).

In November 1985 he played kb on Phil Taylor's Naughty Ol' Santas Christmas Classics. O'Donoghue, Glen and Taylor started GMT the same month, and recorded "War Games" with guitarist Marcus Schleicher.

In July 1985 Phil Lanzon played kb and drums on "Big Bang" with TARRACO, and next joined The Sweet, touring with them.

Lanzon plays kb for Uriah Heep from 1986, replacing John Sinclair.

In 2017, from September, It's out the 1st solo album called "IF YOU THINK I'M CRAZY".




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