The 10th edition of the HEAVY METAL NIGHT in Martinsicuro (Italy) started with a bad news as the no-show of CHRIS HOLMES for an health's problem.

But the program was also interesting with a lot of great bands as STONEWALL, SIGN OF THE JACKAL, TIR, FINGERNAILS.

To be reported the amazing performance of WITCHUNTER, the "home" NWOTHM prodigy that, after two full-length, is ready for the big leap.

An high level set also for VANEXA and SABOTAGE, both classics italian HM bands.

The main dish of this festival was QUARTZ, the legendary NWOBHM band.

A great set with classics from the past and tracks from the last awesome work FEAR NO EVIL.

Lastly, let's give a big round of applause for the organization and see you next year!

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