Thunder and Lightning is the 12th and final full-length by Thin Lizzy, published in 1983.

John Sykes (TYGERS OF PAN TANG) was hired to replace Snowy White after the previous album Renegade, and Sykes helped to provide a heavier sound.

However songwriting (except for "Cold Sweat") was completed before he joined the band.

Darren Wharton, on keyboard, also offered a stronger influence to this final studio album, co-writing many of the tracks including "Some Day She Is Going to Hit Back", and the final single "The Sun Goes Down".

A farewell tour followed the album, followed by the live album Life.

In 2013, a deluxe edition of the album was released. It consisted of two discs: disc one included the original release, and disc two contained live recordings from a 1981 Hammersmith Odeon show and a number of demos.








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