BAND The Kahless Clone ALBUM Our Never-Ending Loneliness LABEL Self Out: Nov 3rd, 2017

OUR RATING: 72/100

With Never-Ending Loneliness, the Chicago Instrumental band THE KAHLESS CLONE will be released November 3 on digital and CD formats, featuring NOVEMBERS DOOM guitarist Vito Marchese, the new EP builds on the foundation established with stunning debut EP An Endless Loop.

Clearly an album where the mood is the overview, the big picture and not the solo spaces.

A lot of great tunes where concern is in the background, in waitin' for somethin' happening.

Track List: 1. I Would Leave All of This Behind, and so Would You 2. I Can Almost Reach You 3. If Only We Had More Time Together... 4. This Is All Falling Apart 5. Is This What You Wanted?

(Thanks ClawHammer PR)

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