💿 Hi,it’s a pleasure for us to have Jörg on Hardrockheavymetal JÖRG VON DER FRECHT of BLEEDING, an awesome band in PROGRESSIVE METAL scene. Let’s start talking about the early days of the band..When is this all begun? Which bands have influenced you? We started Bleeding in 2011, when Haye, Marc and me met on a Psychotic Waltz show in Hamburg and were blown away (again) by the overwhelming return of this awesome band. Me and Haye had already played together in a band 20 years ago and knew Marc, who was playing in another band in our hometown Stade, near to Hamburg. So we thought ‘why not put all of our experience and creativity together for a new project’? We quickly put together our first four songs, which we self-released on an EP. From that point we just went on and on. Theo and Heiko, who also play in Poverty’s No Crime, joined us recently, because our former drum/bass mates quit. Our influences come from all sorts of bands, as we all have quite a wide spread taste of music. Obvious influences should be Psychotic Waltz, Depressive Age, Fates Warning, Sanctuary, to name a few. 💿 On October 27th will be out your new full-length ELEMENTUM! Can you tell us somethin’about this platter and its composition process? We had the privilege to listening to this album in preview and we’re very satisfied! To start with composing, in the past everybody was throwing in his ideas and we arranged our songs, until we thought they were finished. We had no limits (and still don’t have). But with Elementum we changed as all music was written by me. This wasn’t the consequence of me cutting out Haye and Marc, it’s just the way it happened this time and I’m always writing on new stuff. It might happen that all songs on our next album will be written by Haye or Marc, who knows? The sky is the limit. By the way Haye did all the lyrics on Elementum, which are extraordinary interesting. Or just crazy minded… :)

💿The album will be out worldwide via Pure Prog Records (Pure Steel Group). Can you tell us somethin’about the relationships with this label? We came across Pure Prog because of the contact to our friends in the austrian prog band Mayfair. They liked our music from day one and recommended us to Pure Prog, who gave us the chance to crush some stereotypes and giving us total freedom writing the music we want to, which is an important key factor to us. 💿 The real “news” in music industry is the return of vinyl; What’s your feeling about this classic format and the current music business? We all love vinyl! How could you not, when you grow up with it? I like it because of the time you need to spend with it. You have to pull the record out of the sleeve, you have to put on the needle, you need to get up to flip sides after 20-30 minutes and you have to put on the needle again and so on. That’s an experience you will never have with digital formats. It forces you to slow down and it gives music a value that to me often seems to have disappeared nowadays. It’s all about being available 24/7, everywhere and on all occasions. I could go on for pages discussing this, but I guess it’s not the right place right now.  💿 Can you tell us somethin’about your next live projects to promote the new album? Right now there is only little planned, as we all have full schedules because of our day jobs, family etc. But we’re always open for any offerings and try to make them possible. We love playing live as it is a completely different perception of our songs. 💿 Thank you so much for your time! See you soon on HARDROCKHEAVYMETAL! Thanks for your questions! Cheers!  #progmetal #progressive #prog #puresteel


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