BAND BLEEDING ALBUM Elementum LABEL PURE PROG RECORDS (PURE STEEL GROUP) RELEASE October 2017 (27th) OUR RATING: 82/100 On October 27th, 2017 will be out the second full-lenght by BLEEDING called "ELEMENTUM", via PURE PROG RECORDS.

Let's start to interesting work marked by complex structures, where the teamwork seems to be winning against solo spaces.

The band already raised some fury in the underground, when they self-released their EP “Bleeding” in 2012. With their in 2015 released debut “Behind Transparent Walls” they were not only meeting expectations of critics and fans, but even surpassing them.

This album starts with WHEN THEY COME, where it's clear the lesson of bands as DREAM THEATER, but developing a deep own style. Changes of time, epic memories, Power accelerations..a really tasty recipe.

HEIR TO APOSTASY starts heavier and goes on with an enjoyable metal riffing, with a more open singing, clear sign of ability of singer HAYE GRAF.

IMMORTAL PROJECTION is a point forward compared to previous songs..continuous changes of time, singing more thoughtful.

Almost nine min duration for PARANOIA, an awesome song that it pulls the listener in a paranoic horde before guitars finally take over.

The work goes on with three great songs as MACBETH, SENSE AND SCIENCE and EMBER, before the break of ELEMENTUM, a great instrumental.

SHIPWRECKED is the last drop of high class.

Certainly a great album with a band that can't take anything for granted.


1. When They Come 2. Heir To Apostasy 3. Immortal Projection 4. Paranoia 5. Macbeth 6. Sense And Science 7. Ember 8. Elementum 9. Shipwrecked Total Playing: 52:10 min

1. Bleeding (2012, EP) 2. Behind Transparent Walls (2015)


Haye Graf - vocals Jörg von der Fecht - guitars Heiko Spaarmann - bass Andreas Tegeler – drums Marc Nickel - guitars






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