💿 Airbound is a brand new Aor italian band. We are glad to have a few words with these talented guys. Hi Everyone! We are very pleased to have this opportunity, thanks a lot for that! 💿 When and how did you start the band? We started back in 2006, me (Lorenzo) and Alessandro were already playing together in other bands when Ale proposed me to start a new project based on his passion for AOR: since I have the same passion for melodic rock we decided to begin this journey. We then asked the same to some of our musicians friends that share with us the same passion. During these years we have reached today's line-up. 💿 Would you like to introduce the members of the band and all the other amazing artists who took part on this record? Of course! We can introduce all the members chronologically: as I said at the very beginning were only myself (Lorenzo Foddai) on guitar and Alessandro Broggi on keyboards, we know each other since more than 20 years as of today and we played together in other bands before; the first who joined the band was Tomas Borgogna, the singer, which we already know for his great performance with Borgogna. We then get in touch with Angelo Sasso, that is the bass player and that was already a friend of us, well known for his guitar attitude. The last one is Riccardo Zappa that was also a good friend of us and has several years of drum playing on his shoulders. The extraordinary artist who help us in this experience are DaveRoxBarbieri (Wheels Of Fire, Raintimes, Charming Grace, Room Experience) who made an incredible vocal performance doing backing vocals in The sun tomorrow; Mario Percudani (Hungryheart, Shining Line, Ted Poley, Axe) and Josh Zighetti (Hungryheart, Charming Grace) who both create the beautiful backing vocals in Zhaneta, Mario also made the Intro Solo that is a great, let me say perfect, solo for this part of the song. Least but not last, Sven Larsson (Street Talk, Raintimes, Room Experience) who made the other 2 solos in Zhaneta, it is enough to hear them once to understand how deep his contribution in this song is. We have the opportunity to work with great professionals and we surely grow up a little bit by doing that. I also want to say that was a very good surprise find out that they are great artist but also great, kind and available people. This is something that is quite rare especially in these days. Of course we have to thanks Pierpaolo Monti who put us in touch with them (and not only for this)! 💿 Let’s talk about the songwriting. The songs are very melodic and catchy. Is there a main songwriter in the band or you all joined forces to write these great tracks? A: Yes we can say that the main song writer is Alessandro but the process involves always everyone. The main point we tried to work on is our friendship and our different musical background. The friendship helps a lot in listen each other’s point of view without preconceptions in order to have more prospectives. We normally work together and it could be that of the “original” idea remains really a few, but if we are all happy with that then we are all ok.

💿 The album is set to be released on September 15 by two new labels, and it will also be released in Japan next October. That’s already a big step for you guys. Would you like to give us further information about your labels? A: What we can say is that this was another excellent find. They are all great professionals but the thing that we are more happy with is that they are people, I mean real people. Not phone numbers or email you can write to. Since the first moment we worked side by side with them, we felt their real support always behind us and always getting tons of positive suggestions. If there is something we need, they are always ready for us and this represents what labels should really do with their artists in our opinion, and yes it is a big step for us, we are all very grateful for this opportunity and to have met people who believes and enjoyed our music. Especially, once again, Pierpaolo Monti who “starts the game” and suggested us to contact these guys. 💿What’s your plans when the album is out? A: We are already writing the second album and we hope we will have the opportunity to be on stage really soon. This point is quite difficult because now Tomas now lives in Spain, but I think we will be able to set up something even if in Italy is quite difficult anyway to have live opportunity especially if you promote your original work. 💿 Thank you guys for your time. Looking forward to seeing you soon on stage somewhere along the road.

(Thanks Burning Minds Music Group)

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