(Thanks MICHEAL SPIGGOS) (NOTE: INTERVIEW WRITTEN BEFORE THE EXIT OF THE ALBUM "GOTHICA" out on JULY 7th) 💿 Hi, it’s a pleasure for us to have on Hardrockheavymetal Dann Rosingana of TEN, a milestone in Melodic Hard Rock history! Thank you so much for your kind words Giovanni! We worked hard on the album and we’re glad to see a positive reaction! 💿We’re all in waitin’ for your forthcoming 13th studio album, GOTHICA, out on July 7th. Can you say us somethin’about that and its composition process and style? It’s definitely got a darker sound than the previous CDs I’ve been on with some longer songs. The process was the same as the last two. Gary gets to the stage where he has the songs and I usually have them for about 2 weeks, listening to them a lot, when I’m in the car or just at home. During that time I’ll put some ideas down. Although for the final takes I record them with Gary so he can listen back and we can make any little changes. 💿 We’re listening the first single “PARAGON”..a real gem; What’s the matter of this choice? It was Frontiers Music srl choice I think. We did release 3 songs with videos not long after that (La Luna Dra-Cu-La, Travellers and Jekyll And Hyde), so maybe it was to have some variation with the songs that were put out first.

💿 The new album will be out on Frontiers Records. How are the relationships with this record company? FRONTIERS have been great. It’s good to be working with them and they really help keep all my favourite bands out there. 💿 What’s your feeling about music business today? Do you prefer digital or physical music? I grew up when it was physical. I’ve been a bit slow making the change to digital really but it’s here now and it seems to be the way to do things. The fact you can buy an album online and be listening to it within seconds is amazing. The recording process is much easier now too, which I like.

💿 Is there an album in your career that you’ve seen unfairly underrated? This is only my 3rd album with the band so far so none yet as all of them have had positive reviews. 💿 Can you give us some info about your next gigs? Are scheduled some concerts? We’ve been talking with a promoter about some gigs in Europe which we hope will come off next year. There’s nothing finalized yet but it would be great to do some gigs. 💿 Thank you so much for your time! See you soon on HARDROCKHEAVYMETAL!

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