💿💿💿SCRAPS...FROM THE PAST💿💿💿 Quiet Riot was a band well known in hard'n'heavy world in Los Angeles in the mid to late 1970s. They opened for Van Halen in many nights. Nonetheless, Quiet Riot was unable to sign a recording contract in the US. By 1977 they were able to have a deal with Sony, but their records would be out only in Japan. The original four members recorded their debut "Quiet Riot", or QR I, in 1977. Singer Kevin DuBrow and bassist Kelly Garni did not get along. Their second album "Quiet Riot II", or QR II, was recorded in 1978 and released in Japan in 1978. Once recording was completed, Garni left the band. (Although Garni's replacement Rudy Sarzo was pictured and credited on QR II, he actually joined the band after the album was recorded). In 1979 Rhoads and Sarzo left Quiet Riot for Osbourne's band. According to DuBrow, Rhoads' departure from Quiet Riot was the end of the band. He and Forsyth continued on with the addition of guitarist Greg Leon but Quiet Riot broke up in 1980. During this period (1980–1982), Kevin DuBrow formed his own band called 'DuBrow' and also played shows with former Gamma drummer Skip Gillette. By 1982 guitarist Carlos Cavazo and drummer Frankie Banali had also been recruited by DuBrow. (Pics caught on FB, we are not the owners of rights)


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