Cloven Hoof - NWOBHM LEGENDS Cloven Hoof changed a number line-up before settling their first few recordings. Theatrical from the beginning, the four band members took up pseudonyms based on the four elements: David "Water" Potter, Steve "Fire" Rounds, Lee "Air" Payne and Kevin "Earth" Poutney.With this line-up was recorded demo tape in 1982, along with The Opening Ritual EP, and the first well-known full-lenght. Following the release of their self-titled debut, David Potter left the band. The new singer was Rob Kendrick. This line-up only managed to record the live album Fighting Back before splitting up, leaving Lee Payne as the only founding member. Lee Payne reactivated the band in 1988, with new members as singer Russ North and guitarist Andy Wood from Tredegar along with drummer Jon Brown. The next full-lenght were: "Dominator" in 1988 and "A Sultan's Ransom". Lee Jones was brought as a second guitarist after the release of these two albums, but contractual difficulties caused the band to split up again in 1990. In the summer of 2001, Lee Payne began putting together a new line-up. The band completed a live appearance at the Keep It True, on 10 April 2004. "Eye of the Sun" was released in 2006, with Matt Moreton on vocals, Andy Shortland on guitars, and Lynch Radinsky on drums. Tom Galley produced the album. It was impossible for the band to play live, so Lee Payne was once again obliged to search new members. Vocalist Russ North returned to England and rejoined the band, after a period in Spain. The band's line-up was completed by Mick Powell and Ben Read on guitars, with Jon Brown on drums. A collection of re-recorded songs - The Definitive Part One - was released in early 2008,[2 with a new EP to be called "Throne of Damnation" scheduled for release in 2010. In 2008, Cloven Hoof co-headlined the Metal Brew Festival in Mill Hill with Pagan Altar, another legendary name in NWOBHM history. In early 2010, following the exit of Russ North, Matt Moreton was hired to record the vocals that appeared on the Throne of Damnation EP. Moreton left the band due to ill health soon afterwards. On 13 December 2010, Cloven Hoof released their first DVD, A Sultan's Ransom - Video Archive, comprising footage of a 1989 concert at Lichfield Art Centre and also featuring two music videos for the songs Mad, Mad World and Highlander, both from A Sultan's Ransom. 2011 saw Lee Payne rebuilding the band, bringing in guitarist Joe Whelan from the band Dementia and guitarist Chris Coss from UK/DC, along with drummer Mark Gould and Ash Cooper on vocals. This line-up released a music video called I'm Your Nemesis and an updated version of "Nightstalker". Russ North parted company with Cloven Hoof for a final time in July 2012, Mark Gould left the band in August 2012, with Jake Oseland replacing him on drums in time for some live dates in 2013. The 2013 line-up of Cloven Hoof scheduled a debut UK concert appearance with Jameson Raid and Hollow Ground at Wolverhampton Civic Hall on 30 March 2013. On June 2014 was released a new chapter in CLOVEN HOOF history: RESIST OR SERVE, via HIGH ROLLER RECORDS, a smart work with Joe Whelan on vocals and guitars, Chris Coss on rhythm guitar, Lee Payne on bass and Jake Oseland on bass guitar. On April 21st, 2017 the last gem..WHO MOURNS FOR THE MORNING STAR, also on HIGH ROLLER RECORDS, with CHRIS COSS AND LEE PAYNE and new members GEORGE CALL on vocals, LUKE HATTON on lead guitar and DANNY WHITE on drums. #NWOBHM rules!

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