OUR RATING: 82/100

On September 8th via CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC will be out this new work, made by Sweden band HANDS OF ORLAC (4 tracks) and finnish THE WANDERING MIDGET with one 18 min song.

HANDS OF ORLAC was formed in 2009 and half of the band hails from Sweden and the other half from Italy. The four new songs were recorded by Berno Paulsson at the renowed Berno Studio in Malmö, and mark a clear departure from their two previous album.

CURSE OF THE HUMAN SKULL explains the clear love for the seventies golden era of the italian prog rock mixed with soft doom drops. The great female voice and and flute make the song very interesting.

Amazing intro with PER ASPERA before FROM BEYOND THE STARS, hard rock with doom favour and riffing that reminds us BLACK SABBATH.

Great Hammond in Jon Lords's way in AD ASTRA.

THE WANDERING MIDGET hails from Finland and with the 18-min long song "Where We March The Vultures Follow" break a 5-year silence since their last studio release. The most remarkable thing about "Where We March The Vultures Follow" is that the band has been able to maintain a tense atmosphere all over it, never pacing down or getting bored. With evocative lyrics, clean and bitter vocals and the heaviest guitar sound around , the band knows how to keep your attention high. HANDS OF ORLAC Curse Of The Human Skull Per Aspera From Beyond The Stars

Ad Astra


Where We March The Vultures Follow HANDS OF ORLAC is: G. – Vocals / Flute A.. – Guitars F. – Bass J.– Drums THE WANDERING MIDGET is: Samuel Wormius- Fire Lungs & Tornados Thomas Grenier - Storm of Locusts Jonathan Sprenger - Earthquake

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