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BAND Mausoleum Gate ALBUM Into a Dark Divinity LABEL Cruz Del Sur Music Release: 8 September 2017 OUR RATING 86/10

(Thanks ClawHammer PR)

After three years from self-titled debut, MAUSOLEUM GATE return with a new album called INTO A DARK DIVINITY, out via CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC on September 8th. MG are a band well known after key festival appearances at KEEP IT TRUE FESTIVAL and MUSKELROCK.This new platter starts with CONDEMNED TO DARKNESS, 9 min of pure class hard rock, in the way of best DEEP PURPLE, with emphasis of Hammond driven music, solid riffing and the unforgettable voice of VARPULA.

BURN THE WITCHES AT DAWN is a short track under 3 min duration, more direct with VARPULA that reminds us the best JOHN LAWTON in URIAH HEEP.

With APOPHIS the FINNS return over 10 min with Hammond intro and great Sabbath's riffing.

More melodic the great SOLOMON'S KEY, before the amazing HORNS, with war Hammond/guitar in BLOODSUCKER mood and light influence from some NWOBHM

The end is for self-titled song, the more progressive track taken from this platter.

Nothing else to say, a great return for the finish band, special for all fans of golden era of SEVENTIES HARD ROCK but with own style and not vintage mood.

An album to suggest.

Into a Dark Divinity track listing: 1. Condemned To Darkness 2. Burn The Witches At Dawn 3. Apophis 4. Solomon’s Key 5. Horns 6. Into A Dark Divinity Band lineup:

V-P. Varpula – Vocals Count L.F. – Guitars Kasperi Puranen – Guitars Wicked Ischianus – Bass, Hammond C3 organ, Mellotron M400, MiniMoog synthesizer, Kong MS20, Petrof Piano Oscar Razanez – Drums Discography:

Mausoleum Gate (– 2014, Cruz Del Sur Music) Gateways For the Wicked / Obsessed by Metal Sessions( - 2014, Self-Released) Metal And The Might / Demon Soul (7’’ - 2016, Cruz Del Sur Music) This 

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