BLUE MURDER Blue Murder were an English hard rock band, founded in 1988 by John Sykes, well known as member of Tygers Of Pan Tang, Thin Lizzy and Whitesnake. Their label Geffen Records signed a record deal with Sykes following his dismissal from Whitesnake. In the nascent stages of the band, Cozy Powell - with Sykes in WHITESNAKE, was attached to the project. Ray Gillen, seen in Black Sabbath and in Badlands - not the same band Badlands sang for an early version of Blue Murder, and reportedly the band recorded demos with him. Additionally, Tony Martin (who replaced Gillan in Black Sabbath from " ETERNAL IDOL"), Derek St. Holmes (TED NUGENT) and David Glen Eisley worked with the band, but never in an official releases. Best A&R John Kalodner encouraged Sykes to be the leadsinger singer too. Blue Murder released two studio albums: "Blue Murder" in 1989 and "Nothin' but Trouble" in 1993. A live album, "Screaming Blue Murder" was released in Japan only in 1994. The band was dropped by their label in the mid-90s, at which pint Sykes recorded "Out of My Tree" in 1995 with Blue Murder members Marco Mendoza and Tommy O'Steen, transforming the band into a solo band.

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