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BAND Argus

ALBUM From Fields of Fire

LABEL Cruz Del Sur Music

Out Sept 8th

OUR RATING: 88/100

Four years after the release Beyond the Martyrs, U.S. Heavy Metal  ARGUS have returned with From Fields of Fire on Cruz Del Sur Music!

Let's start from the awesome album that we suggest for all traditional hard’n’heavy metal fans.

ARGUS no longer needs an introduction after three studio albums, three EPs, several European tours and US showcases and festival appearances have established the name of ARGUS as an established force in the Heavy Metal Universe. 

The album starts with INTO THE FIELDS OF FIRE, with a great arpeggio intro, before DEVILS OF YOUR TIME, a classic metal anthem with great choirs and an amazing solo.

AS A THOUSAND THIEVES, one of our favourite songs of the platter, that reminds us DIO in the KILLING THE DRAGON times before developing in somethin' own.

216 is a more articulated song with the epic voice of BRIAN BALICH in the foreground, a song that reminds us somethin'from the last work of HAMMER KING.

YOU ARE THE CURSE is another epic gem with a power intro.

INFINITE LIVES, INFINITE DOORS..I love this song, somethin' from IRON MAIDEN, somethin' epic in the way of new band as ETERNAL CHAMPION, somethin' progressive..a magic track!!!

HOUR OF LONGING is somethin'different, sign that this band is more and more.

The album ends with the more prog NO RIGHT TO GRIEVE and the self-titled outro

This album confirms that ARGUS is one of the best bands in NWOTHM scene, with influences from Prog and classic Hard Rock.

An album absolutely to suggest.

Track List: 1. Into The Fields Of Fire 2. Devils Of Your Time 3. As A Thousand Thieves 4. 216 5. You Are The Curse 6. Infinite Lives Infinite Doors 7. Hour Of Longing 8. No Right To Grieve 9. From The Fields Of Fire Line-up: Brian 'Butch' Balich – Vocals Dave Watson – Guitars Jason Mucio – Guitars Justin Campbell – Bass Kevin Latchaw – Drums

(Thanks Clawhammer PR)

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