Band On Top EP TOP DOLLAR OUT AUG 18TH, 2017 (CD/DIGITAL) OUR RATING: 86/100 ON TOP is an awesome power trio from Chester, Pennsylvania and is ready to publish, on August 18th the new EP "TOP DOLLAR". Let's start from the end: we are really impressed from the first listening of this new work; an high class band with the heart in the past but viewing the future. A band who learned the lesson from Hard Rock Masters but with an own smart and fresh style. On Top are new guitarist Ric Haas and the long standing members Jaron Gulino on vocals/bass and Danny Piselli on drums. 

On Top are back to their roots showcasing faster tempos, heavier riffs and bigger hooks than ever before. Four songs in this work; tracks as LOVIN' THE EVIL, WALK THE EVIL or EVERYTHING are full of energy and power, a little dirty with high level solos. A little heavier the great THIS WAY, in the best US classic metal tradition. An album that we suggest! Horror Pain Gore Death Productions will release Top Dollar on August 18 on CD and digital formats. (Thanks Clawhammer

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