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💿💿💿SCRAPS..FROM THE PAST💿💿💿 Europe - THE REUNION! FROM START FROM THE DARK TO LAST LOOK AT EDEN..(1998-2009) In 1998 the members discussed about the chance of a Europe reunion. For the 2000 millennium celebrations, Europe was asked to do a concert in Stockholm. That would be Europe's first and, to date, only concert with both of their lead guitarists, since both John Norum and Kee Marcello had accepted the offer to play that evening with the rest of the group. They played "Rock the Night" and "The Final Countdown". Over the years, there were reunion rumors, and on 2 October 2003 it was made true: Europe announced plans for a new album and world tour. The band chose back to the Final Countdown line-up, with John Norum as the only lead guitarist. Kee Marcello told that he was too busy with his own works. The songwriting for "Start from the Dark" began in 2003 and Kevin Elson was chosen as producer. In the summer of 2004 Europe went on a festival in Europe. The concert setlists included the old hits, but also introduced the title track from Start from the Dark. The album was released on 22 September 2004, the same day that John Norum became a father. "Start from the Dark" featured a more modern sound compared to Europe's previous works. The album sold in over 600,000 copies. Europe released its seventh album, "Secret Society" on 26 October 2006. On 26 January 2008 Europe did a semi-acoustic live concert at Nalen in Stockholm, calling the event "Almost Unplugged". The band was accompanied by a string quartet and played alternate vs. of its songs, as well as cover by bands as Pink Floyd, UFO, Led Zeppelin and Thin Lizzy. The show was released on CD on 17 September 2008 and on DVD on 19 August 2009. Europe's 8th studio album, "Last Look at Eden", was released on 9 September 2009.

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