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💿💿💿SCRAPS...FROM THE PAST💿💿💿 HTP - Hughes Turner Project

Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner had first planned to release an album together in 1989 but nothing ended up being released from these sessions.[ In 2000 Hughes toured Japan with Joe Lynn Turner, followed by appearances during the Voices of Classic Rock tour in 2001. Then they decided to work on toghether. -HTP- They released their first album in Feb 2002, and t was called HTP. The album featured guitarist JJ Marsh, who contributed to the song-writing. There were also contributions of Shane Galaas (DR) and Vince DiCola (KB) as well as guests John Sykes, Paul Gilbert and Akira Kajiyama. The album featured the hard rock sounds that they had been known for, as well as a some funk, brought in by Hughes’ bass. The pair hit the road for a Japanese tour, joined by native musicians Akira Kajiyama, Toshio Egawa and Yoshihiro Kudo. Their set-lists consisting of tracks from the HTP album as well as covers from Deep Purple, Rainbow and Black Sabbath. Their shows at Shibuya Club Quattro in Tokyo were recorded for a live album which was released in August 2002, called "Live In Tokyo". HTP continued their tour in Russia and Europe, joined by JJ Marsh, Joakim Svalberg (KB) and Tomas Broman (DR). After this tour the Hughes Turner Project took a break, during which Hughes released his solo album (a masterpiece) "Songs In The Key Of Rock" and Turner released "JLT" -HTP 2- In April 2003 the two got together to start work on a follow up. They were joined again by JJ Marsh, Shane Galaas and Ed Roth (KB), who had worked with Hughes on many of his solo albums. Special guests were Steve Vai, Jeff Kollman and from Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith. This album was called HTP2 and It was released in September 2003 and was similar to the first record. In early 2004 Hughes Turner Project hit the road before in Japan and then moving on to Russia and Europe. They were joined by the same musicians as the first HTP tour, except on the European gigs where keyboardist Kjell Haraldsson replaced Joakim Svalberg. After the end of the tour they decided to close this experience.

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